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Basketball Tournament RULES & REGULATIONS

Basketball Tournament RULES & REGULATIONS All rules MUST be read and understood by each & every player BEFORE game time. 1. The tournament committee makes all final decisions concerning all grievances; i.e. protests, eligibility, etc. 2. The entry fee is $275.00 due March 28th; after this date entry fee is $325.00.

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TEAM REQUIREMENTS FOR INTER-SITIO CATEGORY 2.1 Each team player must be a resident of their respective sitio of Barangay Poblacion or has been a resident of (4) months from the commencement of the Basketball League 2011. 2.2 Each team shall be composed of a maximum of 15players and a minimum of 8 players and they shall all be allowed to play on the scheduled game.

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BasketBall Ground Rules Hits: 38721 ALL FILIPINO CONFERENCE . January 29, 2012. GROUND RULES . PDF Copy. Please read and understand the following rules. Each coach/team captain is responsible for his/her players and others with the team, to know the rules and follow them. I . REGISTRATION AND ELIGIBILITY. 1.1. Registration is by team only.

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Breadth of Basketball court : 15 m : Radius of central circle of court : 1.8 m : Width of boundary lines : 5 cm : Height of basket (ring) from ground : 3.05 m : Distance between end line and throw line : 5.80 m : Dimensions at backboard of basket : 1.20 m × 1.80 m: Thickness of back board of basket : 3 cm : Height of back boards downward side from ground : 2.90 m

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1. All players must be thirty five (35) years old and below. 2. To be eligible to participate in this tournament, a player must be a resident of the participating barangay for no less than (6) six months prior to the opening or spouse of eligible resident duly certified by the officer in charge of the barangay. 3.

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General Rules. Each team must have a minimum of 8 players and a maximum of 15. A minimum of 5 players must always be present in a game otherwise the game will be considered a default for the team with 4 or less players. The captains must inform the referees and the scorers if this were to happen. (Instant forfeit).

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Rule 5: Ground Rules. Format will be as follows: Teams will play one game to 25 points, by 1’s and 2’s. Teams must win by two points. Gender restrictions: Teams must be all-female in the Women’s Division.

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Rules of the Game. At the most basic level, the rules of basketball make it an easy game to learn and a simple game to play. However, like any sport, once played at an elite level, many additional rules intervene in order to address the many situations that may arise during a competitive game.