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Crickets live in areas where temperature reaches 80-90 F. Hence, crickets can be found in all continents except Antarctica. Crickets live in grasslands, swamps, under rocks, trees, bushes and even in people’s houses.

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Crickets are distributed all around the world except at latitudes 55° or higher, with the greatest diversity being in the tropics. They occur in varied habitats from grassland, bushes, and forests to marshes, beaches, and caves.

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The only areas, you do not discover crickets are the ones with very cool temperature and the latitude greater than 55 ° Crickets have membranous hind wings. Membranous wings are conveniently collapsible when not in use.

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House crickets typically live outdoors during the warmer seasons and are especially fond of garbage dumps. They are often attracted to electric lights in larger numbers, sometimes by the thousands, and rest on vertical surfaces such as light poles and house walls.

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During warm weather, house crickets prefer to live outdoors. However, as cold weather approaches in the fall, they seek shelter inside homes. Indoors, they are most commonly found in warm, moist places like kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. Like most cricket species, they are nocturnal and stay hidden during the day.

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Some crickets may even eat other crickets to meet their dietary requirements. Crickets will die if they don’t eat meat. Mostly crickets fulfill their need for protein by eating other insects. They eat a variety of insects including ants, aphids, stick insects, and ladybugs. Read more from Pest Control Zone…

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Crickets can typically be found inside warm places like kitchens or basements. The two most likely types of crickets to infest your home are the gray-brown house cricket and the darker colored field cricket. Other common species are mole crickets and camel or humpback crickets. Crickets normally live outdoors.

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In the wild, they’re typically found in caves and forested areas where there are plenty of places to hide beneath leaves, rocks, and rotten logs in the summer and fall. Like stinkbugs, spider crickets are “accidental invaders” into our houses, loving dark and damp places like basements, crawlspaces, garages, and sheds.