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The hydraulic oil in the oil electric hybrid CNC bending machine is used in the hydraulic transmission system as the working medium, which plays the role of energy transmission, conversion and control. At the same time, it also plays the role of lubrication, anti-corrosion, rust prevention and cooling of various components in the hydraulic system. The seals in the hydraulic system play a role in preventing fluid leakage from the joint surface, maintaining pressure, maintaining energy transmission or conversion.,football game for pc download

A: Hazards of high oil temperature in the system

tennis ranking herbert,1. The viscosity of hydraulic oil of NC bending machine decreases

The viscosity of hydraulic oil changes with the change of temperature. If the temperature is too high, the viscosity of hydraulic oil will decrease, which is easy to leak and reduce the volumetric efficiency. At the same time, the lubrication performance becomes worse, resulting in increased wear and even sintering.,wear tennis shoes golf

fastest soccer kick recorded,2. Parts of the hydraulic system expand due to overheating

betway electronic league,Because the linear expansion coefficient, heating and heat dissipation conditions of each component of the system are different, and the thermal expansion of each component is not exactly the same, the resulting deformation is also different, which is likely to destroy the original normal fit clearance of the relatively moving parts, increase the friction resistance and make the valve core easy to get stuck. At the same time, high temperature thins the lubricating oil film and increases mechanical wear, resulting in the failure or even scrapping of the precision mating surface in the component due to premature wear.

cricket bat grip types,3. The oxidation stability and thermal stability of the oil are damaged

soccer zone broadway,Oxidation stability: refers to the ability of a liquid to resist chemical reactions with Oxygenates (especially air).

Thermal stability: it is the ability of liquid to resist chemical reaction at high temperature.,nike golf sports direct

During the use of the oil, due to the influence of heat, oxygen and metal materials, the oil will oxidize and deteriorate. When the temperature and pressure increase, the oxidation rate will accelerate, and the substances generated by oxidation will enhance their corrosivity to metals.,air jordan basketball backpack

4. Accelerate the aging and deterioration of seals, shorten the service life and lose the sealing performance, resulting in serious leakage of the system.,tennis only nz

football game for pc download,5. It is easy to produce impurities, the oil temperature is too high, it is easy to vaporize, make the water evaporate, and the components are easy to produce cavitation corrosion. The oil oxidizes to form colloidal deposits, which block the filter element and the resistance hole in the hydraulic valve, so that the system does not work normally.

B、 Causes of high oil temperature in CNC Press brakes

victoria gorrell volleyball,1. The type and viscosity grade of oil do not meet the requirements.

kobe bryant png basketball,Each variety of hydraulic oil is suitable for working in hydraulic systems in different environments. For example, L-HM anti-wear hydraulic oil shall be used for the hydraulic system running for a long time.

2. The hydraulic oil is seriously polluted,cricket exchange betting app

utr pro tennis usa,Due to the internal and external objective conditions, in areas with poor environment (dusty and humid areas), the longer the working time of the hydraulic system, the easier it is to mix impurities and dirt into the oil, which will damage the accuracy of the mating surface of hydraulic components, increase leakage, and shorten the service life of components in serious cases. Especially when the dirt passes through the oil filter, it will be adsorbed on the filter element in the oil filter, resulting in an increase in oil absorption resistance and energy consumption, resulting in an increase in oil temperature.

3. The liquid level in the oil tank is too low,friday before the afl grand final 2021

special cricket bat oil,If there is too little oil in the oil tank, the hydraulic system will not have enough flow to take away the heat generated in the system, resulting in the rise of oil temperature.

tennis ranking herbert,4. Air is mixed into the system

Under low pressure, the air forms many small bubbles in the oil. When it moves to the high-pressure area, these small bubbles will be instantly broken by the high-pressure oil. The compressed and broken bubbles will release a lot of heat and cause the oil temperature to rise.,u of a basketball violations

handball nationalmannschaft kader spanien,5. The oil filter is blocked

C: Preventive measures for CNC basketball bag with charger

1. The brand of oil shall be selected reasonably, and special hydraulic oil shall be selected for some equipment with special requirements. For long-time high load operation and long oil change time, anti-wear hydraulic oil with good performance shall be selected. At present, L-HM 46 hydraulic oil is mostly used in the hydraulic system of the unit.,friday before the afl grand final 2021

2. Replace the hydraulic oil periodically.,online matches

3. During the initial operation of the equipment, oil shall be injected into the oil filling hole of the hydraulic pump, and the coupling between the hydraulic pump and the motor shall be manually turned for several turns to make the pump full of oil, so as to avoid the heat generated in the high-speed rotation state due to the suction of air or lack of lubrication, which will increase the oil temperature and even wear the components.,basketball backpack bag

askgamblers casumo,4. Select appropriate cooler, which is related to power.

u of a basketball violations,5. The filter element of CNC bending machine shall be replaced regularly to ensure that the oil is clean and the oil circuit is unblocked.

volleyball regeln für schiedsrichter prüfungsfragen,Hydraulic technology is developing towards high pressure, high frequency, rapid response and guidance. The requirements for media are becoming higher and higher, and troubleshooting is more difficult. However, 80% of the faults of hydraulic system are directly related to hydraulic media. Therefore, the selection of hydraulic medium and daily maintenance are very important. Only on this basis can the hydraulic system of NC bending machine run more stably and have a longer service life.

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