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Aug 16, 2021,basketball training zürich

dhoni bat company,CNC Tandem&Tridem Pressbrake Long Sheet Metal Bending Machine made in china yellow winterthur handball damen Yawei factory

China yellow winterthur handball damen Yawei can design, manufacture and supply standard press brakes or customized cnc advanced auto press brakes for  speical sheet metal bending projects, like large bending tonnage press brakes, robotic bending cells, tandem press brakes, longer Tridem Press brakes, tandem press brakes especially designed for bending over 8m sheet metal bending, tridem press brakes suitable for bending over 12m longer sheet.

yellow winterthur handball damen Yawei china cnc press brakes can be connected in a Tandem (two press brakes connected) or Tridem (three press brakes connected) configuration. The impressive features of our CNC  Tridem press brake - up to 36 meters x 6000 tons - allow to bend long & thick sheet metal parts. 

Our Sheet Metal Cutting&bending solutions can increase your factory versatility & productivity, CNC Tandem or Tridem press brakes allow you either to control all machines with one CNC auto bending controller,  or to control each machine independently with 3 controllers for bending short sheet material, standard CNC Tridem press brakes equiped with DELEM DA66T full touch screen 2D controller.,soccer prediction neural network

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CNC Hydraulic crowning table for yawei 11m press brake bending galvanized gutter

The major festures of these tandem or tridem press brakes in the bend angle accuracy along the entire bending length thanks to the combination of the hydraulic crowning table or cnc motorized crowning table,soccer logo quiz

Each metal bending part is formed to the correct angle from the very first bend. You do not need trials anymore,you achieve highly accurate bending angles even for very long length metal sheets bending project.

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China Yawei yellow winterthur handball damen had designed and manufactures many different kind of large press brake to bending long metal products, most of them are Civil&Structural Engineering Manufactures, 8m,9m,10m,11m,12m long galvanized sheet metal products. Including 10m&12m Residential&Commercial Metal Roofing&Wall Panels Bending, Metal Guttering & Fascia bending,6m metal Garage Doors bending&forming,8m metal Walling Bending, 12m sheet Fencing bending, 4m,6m&8m metal Sheds bending, 4m sheet Water Tanks bending, 10m Galvanized sheet Walling&Cladding Bending, 6m sheet metal flashing bending applications&12m galvanized sheet Flooring bending. WhatsApp:0086 15955558219 for more details.,online games soccer star

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